Epitaph [poem, 29 July 1804]

[Editor: A poem published in The Sydney Gazette, and New South Wales Advertiser, 29 July 1804.] Epitaph On a Monkey that usually occupied the summit of a high post in the yard of a Gentleman in Sydney. Beneath this behold’d spot, in death repos’d, Lies the grim corse of one estrang’d to care; Who chattering […]

What Cosme aims at [Cosme Monthly, December 1894]

[Editor: An article from the newsletter of the Cosme colony (of Australian socialists) in Paraguay. Published in Cosme Monthly, December 1894.] What Cosme aims at: The Constitution of Cosme published in the November “Monthly” deals only with the working organization of the colony. Cosme is not a “Common-Wealth” but a “Common-Hold”, all capital being held […]

Eaglemont in the ’Eighties: Beginnings of art in Australia [16 October 1934]

[Editor: An article by Arthur Streeton, one of the leading figures of the “Heidelberg School” of Australian art. Published in The Argus, 16 October 1934.] Eaglemont in the ’Eighties Beginnings of art in Australia By Arthur Streeton It is difficult to set down the early history of Heidelberg as a centre of artistic interest without […]

Ballaarat [Eureka Rebellion aftermath, 26 December 1854]

[Editor: A report on some events arising from the Eureka Rebellion. Published in The Argus, 26 December 1854.] Ballaaratt. Ballaarat, December 21st, 1854. I am very sorry to have to record the death of Captain Wise, which took place this morning. This event has created a most painful sensation among the deceased’s fellow officers, by […]

War in Broken Hill [the Battle of Broken Hill, 1 January 1915]

[Editor: A report on an incident known as the Battle of Broken Hill. Two Muslims, flying the Turkish flag on a cart, attacked a party of Australian picnickers outside of Broken Hill, on New Year’s Day 1915. This article was published on the same day in The Barrier Miner. The incident took place during the […]