God Bless Australia [song, 5 October 1929]

God Bless Australia! Air: “God Save the King!” By William J. MacDonald. God bless Australia grand! God bless our native land, Our land we love! Free may she ever be, And all united we, Our Flag of Liberty Floating above! Be she a happy land; Foes, if they come, withstand; Friend of the world; To […]

Australians! Rise & Federate [song, 15 November 1895]

Australians! Rise & Federate. Australians, rise ! Why longer wait While parliaments prolong debate On themes that new dissensions breed? Arrest this paltry, party strife That bars us from the larger life, And panders to provincial greed. Australians, rise ! No longer wait. Unfurl the Flag and Federate. From shore to shore resound the cry, […]

An Australian Anthem: The People’s Hymn [song, 15 May 1880]

[Editor: A song published in The Australian Town and Country Journal, 15 May 1880.] An Australian Anthem. To the Editor. Sir, — In furtherance of your correspondent’s suggestion, I send you manuscript of an Australian hymn or anthem :— The People’s Hymn. Power beneficent, Bountiful hand ; Mighty and excellent, Guard this our land. Though […]

Australian Anthem: The Sun of Australia [song, 17 October 1854]

Australian Anthem. The Sun of Australia. By Robert Wisdom. The Sun of Australia rose ’Mid the storms and clouds of crime, And his lustre was dimmed with wrongs and woes Such as those of the olden time. But the voice of heaven was heard aloud, And that sun burst forth from his sable cloud ; […]

Song: To the Tune of Rule Britannia [1 February 1817]

[Editor: A song, written by a Mr. Jenkins, sung at a function in 1817 to celebrate the founding of the colony of New South Wales.] Song. To the Tune of Rule Britannia. When first Australia rose to fame, And Seamen brave explored her shore; Neptune with joy, with joy beheld their aim. And thus express’d […]