Mary Eliza Fullerton

Mary Eliza Fullerton was born on 14 May 1868 in Glenmaggie, Victoria. She wrote twelve books (six under her own name) and numerous poems. Her later books of poetry were published under the pseudonym of “E”, as she suspected that her work would otherwise suffer from prejudice, due to her being a female writer. She […]

Caroline Chisholm: A good Australian [by Mary E. Fullerton, 14 May 1932]

[Editor: An article about the life of Caroline Chisholm, written by Mary E. Fullerton. Published in The Argus, 14 May 1932.] Caroline Chisholm. A good Australian. By Mary E. Fullerton. London, March 21. — One important figure in the colonisation of Australia has been somewhat overlooked — Caroline Chisholm. In my childhood Mrs. Chisholm was […]

Australia in the Fenlands: Links with Lincolnshire [by Mary E. Fullerton, 1 March 1930]

[Editor: An article by Mary E. Fullerton. Published in The Argus, 1 March 1930.] Australia in the Fenlands. Links with Lincolnshire. By Mary E. Fullerton. London, Jan. 2. — The visitor to the fenlands of Lincolnshire does well to make the old town of Boston the starting point of his tour. Boston is a place […]

Lovers [poem by “E” (Mary Fullerton), 1942]

[Editor: A poem by Mary E. Fullerton. Published in Moles Do So Little with Their Privacy: Poems (1942).] Lovers To be unloved brings sweet relief: The strong adoring eyes Play the eternal thief With the soul’s fit disguise. He will not sleep, and let be drawn The screen of thy soul’s ark; They keep, those […]

Inspiration [poem by “E” (Mary Fullerton), 1946]

[Editor: A poem by Mary E. Fullerton. Published in The Wonder and the Apple: More Poems (1946).] Inspiration There’s half a god in many a man, And Life is there to say — To give to his capacity The option of a day. Two beings to an enterprise — Oneself, and oneself’s god — One […]