“The Blood Vote” [letter from J. H. Elshaug, 24 October 1916]

[Editor: This letter to the editor was published in The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), 24 October 1916. It was written in response to the widely-distributed anti-conscription poem “The Blood Vote” (which was published in various newspapers and as a widely distributed leaflet).] “The Blood Vote.” To the Editor of The Argus. Sir, — I am enclosing […]

Not disheartened [letter from Norman L. Beurle, 23 October 1920]

[Editor: This letter from Norman L. Beurle was published in The Argus (Melbourne), 23 October 1920. The Rev. Beurle was a campaigner in the temperance movement; this letter was written regarding the “local option” referenda held in Victoria on 21 October 1920.] Not disheartened. To the Editor of the Argus. Sir, — I write with […]

“Call All Hands” [letter, 21 April 1900]

[Editor: This letter was published in The Daily Telegraph, 21 April 1900. The correspondent wrote regarding the song “Call All Hands”, by W. T. Goodge.] “Call All Hands.” The spirited verses, “Call All Hands,” by Mr. W. T. Goodge, of Orange, New South Wales, which first appeared in “The Daily Telegraph,” have gone the rounds […]