Australiana [15 January 1936]

[Editor: These items are from the “Australiana” column published in The World’s News (Sydney, NSW), 15 January 1936.] Australiana The hairless horse Whenever I try to tell the truth about the hairless horse of Queensland the audience walks away without a word — politely, but definitely. Nevertheless, the facts remain. For years along the Balonne […]

Humorosities of the week [22 March 1929]

[Editor: This article was published in The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.), 22 September 1920.] Humorosities of the week. The official luncheon on St. Patrick’s Day did not pass without the perpetration of the customary “Irish Bull.” One speaker announced that there was no Irishman who was not proud of his birthplace, “even if he was not […]

Courtroom anecdote [15 March 1893]

[Editor: This untitled anecdote is an extract from the “Humula” column, published in The Shearers’ and General Laborers’ Record (Newport, Vic.), 15 March 1893.] [Courtroom anecdote] “John Smith, alias Jones, alias Armstrong,” yelled the Sergeant in a back-block police court. Newly appointed J.P.:— “I’ll try the wimmen fust. Call Halice Jones and Halice Harmstrong.” Source: […]

[A dusty old dryblower from the Fields] [28 April 1901]

[Editor: An anecdote (possibly by “Dryblower” Murphy) published in the “Variety Vamps and Sunday Satires” column in The West Australian Sunday Times, 28 April 1901.] [A dusty old dryblower from the Fields] A dusty old dryblower from the Fields recently arrived in Fremantle and put up at a local private boarding house, and having subsisted […]