Our Children’s Native Land [poem by Henry Parkes, 20 July 1841]

[Editor: A poem by Henry Parkes. Published in the Australasian Chronicle, 20 July 1841.] Song. — Our Children’s Native Land. Who here to night, when he was young, Beside his father’s hearth, Has ne’er breath’d forth some patriot song, Some spirit strain of earth; And warm’d as flow’d the words of fame Amidst some social […]

Solitude [poem by Sir Henry Parkes]

[Editor: A poem by Sir Henry Parkes. Published in Australian Ballads and Rhymes: Poems Inspired by Life and Scenery in Australia and New Zealand, 1888.] Solitude. Where the mocking lyre-bird calls To its mate among the falls Of the mountain streams that play, Each adown its tortuous way; When the dewy-fingered even Veils the narrowed […]

Sir Henry Parkes at Tenterfield [25 October 1889]

[Editor: A report on the speech made by Sir Henry Parkes at Tenterfield (NSW), on 24 October 1889, which is regarded as one of the major events leading to the federation of the Australian colonies. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 October 1889.] Sir Henry Parkes at Tenterfield. Banquet to the Premier. A brilliant […]

Sir Henry Parkes [article in The Strand, 1892]

[Editor: This article on Sir Henry Parkes was published in the “Portraits of Celebrities” section of The Strand Magazine, 1892.] Sir Henry Parkes. Born 1815. Sir Henry Parkes, Prime Minister of New South Wales, was the son of a Warwickshire farmer, and was born at Stoneleigh. At twenty-four he emigrated to Australia, and for some […]