Sir Henry Parkes [article in The Strand, 1892]

[Editor: This article on Sir Henry Parkes was published in the “Portraits of Celebrities” section of The Strand Magazine, 1892.] Sir Henry Parkes. Born 1815. Sir Henry Parkes, Prime Minister of New South Wales, was the son of a Warwickshire farmer, and was born at Stoneleigh. At twenty-four he emigrated to Australia, and for some […]

The Parkes letter [by Ned Kelly, 1879]

[Editor: This was a letter composed by Ned Kelly in 1879 and sent to Sir Henry Parkes (Premier of New South Wales).] [Background: In the Parkes letter, Ned Kelly states that he is in Bathurst. It is possible that this was written to aggravate Sir Henry Parkes (Premier of New South Wales) in retaliation for […]