The Eureka Rebellion

Various articles relating to the Eureka Rebellion of 1854, the Battle of the Eureka Stockade (3rd December 1854), the subsequent Eureka trials, and some of the leading people involved. Ballaarat [14 November 1854] An article regarding some of the problems on the Ballarat goldfields (just prior to the Eureka Rebellion). Ballaarat [1 December 1854] An […]

To the colonists of Victoria [letter from Peter Lalor, 7 April 1855]

[Editor: A letter from Peter Lalor, leader of the Eureka rebellion at Ballarat in 1854, regarding the battle of the Eureka Stockade and related matters. Published in The Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer, 7 April 1855. The letter was also published in several other newspapers (including The Argus, 10 April 1855).] TO THE COLONISTS OF VICTORIA. […]

Vern’s last letter [15 January 1855]

[Editor: A letter from Frederick Vern, one of the leading figures in the Eureka Rebellion. Published in The Age, 15 January 1855.] Vern’s last letter The following letter — the last written in these colonies by the now celebrated Vern — has been sent to us for publication. Our readers may rely on its authenticity. […]

Mr. George Black [19 April 1879]

[Editor: An article, written by Henry Richard Nicholls, regarding George Black, who was part of the events of the Eureka Rebellion. Published in The Argus, 19 April 1879.] Mr. George Black. There appeared in the obituary column of The Argus a few days ago the following notice:— “George Black, at Kew, 62 years, an old […]

Ballaarat [Eureka Rebellion aftermath, 26 December 1854]

[Editor: A report on some events arising from the Eureka Rebellion. Published in The Argus, 26 December 1854.] Ballaaratt. Ballaarat, December 21st, 1854. I am very sorry to have to record the death of Captain Wise, which took place this morning. This event has created a most painful sensation among the deceased’s fellow officers, by […]