The gold discovery [letter, 5 May 1851]

[Editor: The author of this letter counters the assertion that Edward Hargraves was the discoverer of gold in Australia. Indeed, it is true that gold was previously found in Australia; however, Hargraves was the first discoverer of a payable goldfield, or at least the first to have his find successfully publicised. Published in The Sydney […]

Our gold diggings [3 May 1851]

[Editor: This article is from the “Local intelligence” section of the Bell’s Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer, 3 May 1851.] “Our” gold diggings. — A fitting retribution is awaiting those who, lured by the exaggerated announcements of the facilities and advantages held out to gold seekers in the inhospitable and death-fraught regions of California, […]

The gold discovery [2 May 1851]

[Editor: An article about the discovery of gold made by Edward Hargraves. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 May 1851.] The gold discovery — It is no longer any secret that gold has been found in the earth in several places in the western country. The fact was first established on the 12th February, […]