E. J. Brady

Edwin James Brady was an author, editor, and poet. He wrote eighteen books and edited at least another two, as well as working as a newspaper journalist and editor. Brady was born in Carcoar, New South Wales, on 7 August 1869. Both his father (Edward John Brady, a mounted policeman) and his mother (Hannah, née […]

Works of E. J. Brady

[Editor: This list contains various works by E. J. Brady; for biographical information click here.] Books by E. J. Brady: 1899: The Ways of Many Waters, Sydney: Bulletin Newspaper Co. (poetry) 1902: The Earthen Floor, Grafton (N.S.W.): Grip Newspaper (poetry) 1903: Sydney Harbour, Sydney: Builder Printing Works, [1903] 1904: Sydney: The Commercial Capital of the […]

E. J. Brady’s verses: “The Ways of Many Waters” [29 April 1899]

[Editor: A critical review of E. J. Brady’s book The Ways of Many Waters, in the “Books and Bookmen” column, published in The Catholic Press, 29 April 1899.] E. J. Brady’s Verses. “The Ways of Many Waters.” Our own verse writes have sung of the stern life under the shadow of Australian gums, some have […]