In Memoriam: Lady Parkes [poem by Clarinda Sarah Thom (Menie Parkes), 11 February 1888]

[Editor: A poem by Clarinda Sarah Thom (Menie Parkes), regarding the death of her mother, Lady Clarinda Parkes, who died at her home in Balmain (NSW) on 2 February 1888. Published in The Australian Town and Country Journal, 11 February 1888.] In Memoriam. Lady Parkes. Died February 2. The starry jasmine, which did wreath About […]

Sydney sixty years since [by Clarinda Sarah Thom (Menie Parkes), 13 April 1910]

[Editor: An article by by Clarinda Sarah Thom (Menie Parkes), giving her childhood reminiscences of Sydney (NSW). Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 April 1910.] Sydney sixty years since. A different Sydney indeed. No trams, no trains, no bridges, no mountain retreats, no seaside resorts, no refreshment rooms, no telegraphs, no telephones, no gramaphones, […]