Mrs. C. J. Carleton: Songstress of Australia [9 September 1922]

[Editor: Article about the life of Caroline Carleton.] Mrs. C. J. Carleton. Songstress of Australia. By Mrs. Willettt Bevan. In 1831, when men of State in England were discussing the establishment of a chartered colony in South Australia, did the daughter of William Baynes (or Baines as was the old spelling of the name) dream […]

The Song of Australia [music videos, performed by various artists]

The Song of Australia was written by Caroline Carleton and was the winning entry in a competition held for the best Australian patriotic song in 1859. It went on to become one of the unofficial national anthems of Australia. Song of Australia, sung by Peter Dawson (1932); singing the 1st, 4th and 5th stanzas Song […]

Wild flowers of Australia [poem by Caroline Carleton, 9 September 1922]

[Editor: A poem by Caroline Carleton, author of “Song of Australia”, taken from a biographical article.] Wild flowers of Australia. By Mrs. C. J. Carleton. Oh, say not that no perfume dwells The wilding flowers among; Say not that in the forest dells Is heard no voice of song. The air is laden with the […]

The Song of Australia [21 October 1859]

[Editor: This song by Caroline Carleton was the winner of the 1859 “Song of Australia” competition to find an Australian patriotic song.] The prize song. As we have already stated, the honor of writing the Prize Song belongs to Mrs. Carleton, of West-terrace ; and we now, without further preface, give the song itself to […]