John Shaw Neilson

[Editor: This article provides links to poems by, and to some biographical information about, John Shaw Neilson.] John Shaw Neilson was born in Penola, South Australia, on 22 February 1872. He died in Melbourne, of heart disease, on 12 May 1942. Books by John Shaw Neilson: [Books published during his lifetime, arranged by year] [1916]: […]

Martin Hambleton

Martin Hambleton (a pseudonym used by Thomas Edward Martin) was a writer for the The Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Qld.), and a teacher. He wrote a large number of brief articles especially for children; of particular note was his wide range of articles on various topics of Australian history. Martin came to Australia from England in […]

Rex Ingamells

Rex Ingamells was born in Orroroo, South Australia, on 19 January 1913. He was an author and poet, and a founder of the Jindyworobak cultural movement, which promoted cultural Australianism, based in part upon Aboriginal themes and ties to the land. Ingamells died in a car accident near Dimboola, Victoria, on 30 December 1955. He […]

Raffaello Carboni

[Editor: This article provides links to some biographical information about Raffaello Carboni.] Raffaello Carboni was born in Urbino, Italy, on 15 December 1817. He came to Australia in search of gold, took part in the Eureka Rebellion of 1854, and was subsequently tried for treason, but was acquitted. Carboni published his story of the rebellion, […]

John Dunmore Lang

[Editor: This article provides links to some biographical information about John Dunmore Lang.] The Reverend John Dunmore Lang was born in Greenock, Scotland, on 25 August 1799. He came to Australia in May 1823. Lang was a leading figure in the Presbyterian Church, founded The Colonist newspaper, and was a Member of the Legislative Council […]