The city bushman’s apologist [14 February 1896]

[Editor: This review of In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses (by Henry Lawson, 1896) was published in Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic.), 14 February 1896.] The city bushman’s apologist.* A glance at Mr. Henry Lawson’s volume of verse just published, in very good style, by an Australian firm, reminds the reader […]

Publisher indicts the state of our culture [4 April 1936]

[Editor: This review of The Foundations of Culture in Australia (by P. R. Stephensen) was published in The Daily Telegraph, 4 April 1936.] Publisher indicts the state of our culture Mr. P. R. Stephensen, whose courageous flights into book-publishing in Australia have earned him a place in national esteem as well as in the hearts […]

New publications [review of “Hits! Skits! and Jingles!” by W. T. Goodge, 11 June 1899]

[Editor: This review of Hits! Skits! and Jingles!, by W. T. Goodge, was published in Truth (Sydney), 11 June 1899.] New publications. Hits, Skits and Jingles; W. T. Goodge. “Bulletin” Newspaper Publishing Company. There are perhaps few better known journalists in New South Wales than Mr. W. T. Goodge, the genial and gifted “Colonel” of […]

Story of the Eureka Stockade: Narrative by one of Lalor’s captains [review, 15 January 1948]

[Editor: A review of The Story of the Eureka Stockade (1947?) by John Lynch. Published in the “Book reviews” section of The Advocate, 15 January 1948.] Story of the Eureka Stockade Narrative by one of Lalor’s captains The only account of the Eureka Stockade written by an active participant, apart from Peter Lalor’s own narrative […]

A real Australian story book [review of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, 24 November 1918]

[Editor: A review of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie (by May Gibbs), included in the “The Bookman” column. Published in The Sunday Times, 24 November 1918.] A real Australian story book Here we have the most delightful kiddies’ book ever published in Australia; and for it thousands of youngsters of to-day and to-morrow will surely rise up […]