The city bushman’s apologist [14 February 1896]

[Editor: This review of In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses (by Henry Lawson, 1896) was published in Table Talk (Melbourne, Vic.), 14 February 1896.] The city bushman’s apologist.* A glance at Mr. Henry Lawson’s volume of verse just published, in very good style, by an Australian firm, reminds the reader […]

Aussie Verse and Verse-Writers: 1. Banjo Paterson [16 February 1918]

[Editor: An article about “Banjo” Paterson published in Aussie: The Australian Soldiers’ Magazine, no. 2, 16 February 1918.] Aussie Verse and Verse-Writers. A short biographical sketch of a popular Australian author, with selections from his work, will appear on this page each issue. 1. — Banjo Paterson. Andrew Barton (better known as “Banjo”) Paterson probably […]

Works of Banjo Paterson

This list contains various works by Andrew Barton (“Banjo”) Paterson (1864-1941), including articles, books, and poems; for biographical information click here. Books by Banjo Paterson: [Books published during Banjo Paterson’s lifetime, arranged by year of publication.] [1889]: Australia for the Australians: A Political Pamphlet: Shewing the Necessity for Land Reform combined with Protection, Sydney: Gordon […]

The Immigration Restriction Bill [3 September 1901]

[Editor: This article from the The Sydney Morning Herald reiterates the concerns of its correspondent, Andrew Barton (“Banjo”) Paterson, on the immigration of Asians into Australia. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 September 1901.] The Immigration Restriction Bill. It is freely admitted that the question of a “white Australia,” in the literal sense of […]

“Banjo” Paterson: His 70th Birthday [20 February 1934]

[Editor: An article about Andrew Barton (“Banjo”) Paterson.] “Banjo” Paterson. His 70th Birthday “Banjo” Paterson, one of Australia’s most popular poets, who is living in Double Bay, Sydney, was 70 on Saturday. He is taking life quietly, after a rather adventurous career, during which he has seen a good deal of human nature. He was […]