Australianism [11 May 1912]

[Editor: This brief item (apparently, an extract from the Independent Workers’ Journal) was published in the Building and Real Estate magazine (11 May 1912).] Australianism. Australianism is the spirit that must rule Australia, and in that sentiment there is no place for the rabid Socialist, with his schemes of levelling tyranny; none for the Anarchist […]

“Australian Ideals”: Lecture by Rev. Father G. E. Herlihy [25 August 1921]

[Editor: An article regarding the Rev. Herlihy’s encouragement of Australian nationalism. Published in Freeman’s Journal, 25 August 1921.] “Australian Ideals.” Lecture by Rev. Father G. E. Herlihy. Under the auspices of the N.S.W. Debating Union, an interesting lecture on “Australian Ideals” was given by the Rev. Father G. E. Herlihy in the St. Patrick’s Hall, […]

Our poets and our bush: Australian sentiment [15 June 1929]

[Editor: An article regarding the cultural relationship of the Australian-born with their land. Published in The West Australian, 15 June 1929.] Our poets and our bush. Australian sentiment. (By W.I.G.) The first poets of any degree of importance that Australia fostered came into the country on the currents of the gold-rush; and it is not […]

The Foundations of Culture in Australia: An Essay towards National Self-Respect [by P. R. Stephensen, 1936]

[Editor: The Foundations of Culture in Australia: An Essay towards National Self-Respect (1936), by P. R. Stephensen, was a significant book which promoted ideas of Australian cultural nationalism. The 55 sections, or chapters, of the book are divided into three parts, which were written in three different time periods. As Stephensen explains in the Foreward, […]

Introduction (to Australian Musical Possibilities) [by Bernard O’Dowd, 1924]

[Editor: This article by Bernard O’Dowd was published as the introduction to Australian Musical Possibilities by Henry Tate (1924).] Introduction Those of us whose faith it is that Australia is the matrix of a richer humanity and a kindlier as well as more enlightened civilisation than the present, here or elsewhere, will welcome Henry Tate’s […]