The Black Australians [26 March 1925]

[Editor: Article reports on the proposal for a separate Aboriginal state in Australia.] The Black Australians New State movements appear to be popular just at present. A Royal Commission has just spent about nine months and a good many thousand pounds of the taxpayers’ money in travelling round and taking evidence on the desirableness or […]

Aborigines. Defended by Bishop [7 October 1933]

[Editor: Article calls for efforts to protect Aborigines against Japanese fishermen.] Aborigines Defended by bishop. “Aggressive in self-defence.” Brisbane, Friday. The Bishop of Carpentaria (Dr. S. Davies), who reached Brisbane by the Taiping to-day, said that the Barcolumba tribe of aborigines around Caledon Bay and Blue Mud Bay, Arnhem Land, were aggressive largely because they […]

An Aboriginal state [15 April 1926]

[Editor: This letter is from the “Notes & queries” column of the The Register.] An Aboriginal state From T. P. Bellchambers:— With regard to a black State for the aborigines, we were given to understand that there would be no attempt made to intermingle strange tribes, but that efforts for their preservation and possible advancement […]

Dying out: The Aborigines [14 March 1925]

[Editor: Article mentions the proposal for a separate Aboriginal state in Australia. Provides an example of the thinking of the time that the Australian Aborigines were “dying out”.] Dying out. The Aborigines. Adelaide, March 13. The rate at which aborigines are dying out is causing concern to a number of public-spirited South Australians. At a […]

Mr. Campbell and the blacks [7 October 1910]

[Editor: Donald Campbell, Member of the South Australian parliament, was a defender of the rights of the Australian Aborigines. The second last paragraph of this article indicates that some Aborigines were voting in South Australian elections at that time. Published in The Advertiser (Adelaide), 7 October 1910.] Mr. Campbell and the blacks. Mr. D. Campbell, […]