Anzacs [poem, 24 April 1944]

Anzacs Loudly the bugles of England were calling, Over the seven seas; Proudly the banners of Britain were waving, Born on the Southern breeze. Here, ’neath, her mandates, her sons dwelt in safety Tilling their golden land. Heard they the call that the Mother was sending Forth for a warrior band? Yea, they were freemen, […]

Anzacs [poem, 14 April 1938]

Anzacs. A sacred name to freedom’s cause ! A beacon high and bright ! A spirit we may truly claim — The Anzac soul of light. ’Twas born in Austral’s sunny climes, In fields and spaces wide ; And in New Zealand’s distant isles, Across the Tasman tide. It grew as does the golden grain […]

Anzacs [poem, 2 May 1916]

Anzacs. In the cheerless dawn of an April morn Pale stars still lit the sky, Did the rollers break on Gaba Tepe, Where sea birds wheel and cry. The time had come, but no beating drum Or brazen trumpets blare, Did the Anzacs go to face the foe And rouse him from his lair. In […]