Mr. Deakin in Sydney [24 May 1906]

[Editor: An article about Prime Minister Alfred Deakin and federal politics. Published in the Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW), 24 May 1906.] Mr. Deakin in Sydney. The warm welcome which Mr. Deakin received in Sydney on Friday proves that our people are weary of all the clap-trap about socialism, of the charlatanry of Mr. Reid, and […]

Australia [Australia Day celebration, 2 February 1903]

[Editor: An article about an Anniversary Day (Australia Day) celebration on 26 January 1903. Published in The Daily Telegraph, 2 February 1903.] Australia. At the A.N.A. dinner in Melbourne on Anniversary Day Mr Deakin, on behalf of the Commonwealth, responded to the toast of the Ministry and Parliament — Federal and State. He said that […]

Alfred Deakin — statesman, orator, and seer [by Professor Ernest Scott, 29 July 1939]

[Editor: This is part eleven of the “Men who made Australia” series written by Professor Ernest Scott.] Men who made Australia — No. 11 Alfred Deakin — statesman, orator, and seer The name Deakin has long been synonymous with eloquence. The silver-tongued orator lives in the memory of everyone who heard him speak. But Professor […]