[Convicts did not want to be transported to Australia] [6-9 December 1788]

[Editor: A news item mentions that British convicts did not want to be transported to Australia, and preferred to be transported to Canada instead. Published in The St. James’s Chronicle, 6-9 December 1788.]

[Convicts did not want to be transported to Australia]

Saturday two large Ships were contracted for by Government, which are ordered to be got ready as soon as possible to carry over the Convicts to America.

The two Storeships taken up by Government are ordered to be completely fitted up by February, about which Time the Convicts at Woolwich, who are very numerous, will be embarked for Canada and Nova Scotia. The Number to go out will be 400. Many are petitioning for that Voyage instead of Botany-Bay, and behave better on that Account.

The St. James’s Chronicle; or, British Evening-Post (London, England), no. 4302, 6-9 December 1788 [“From Saturday, December 6, to Tuesday, December 9, 1788”], page 3

The second paragraph was also published in:
E. Johnson’s British Gazette, and Sunday Monitor (London, England), no. CCCCLXXVI, Sunday 14 December 1788, page 3

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