Rex Ingamells

Rex Ingamells was born in Orroroo, South Australia, on 19 January 1913.

He was an author and poet, and a founder of the Jindyworobak cultural movement, which promoted cultural Australianism, based in part upon Aboriginal themes and ties to the land.

Ingamells died in a car accident near Dimboola, Victoria, on 30 December 1955. He was buried in Payneham cemetery, Adelaide.

Selected articles by Rex Ingamells:
Australianism [1941]

Books and booklets by Rex Ingamells:
1935: Gumtops
1936: Forgotten People
1938: Sun-Freedom
1938: Conditional Culture (with Ian Tilbrook)
1940: Memory of Hills
1941: At a Boundary: Verses (with John Ingamells)
1942: News of the Sun
1943: Unknown Land
1943: Content are the Quiet Ranges
1944: Selected Poems
1945: Yera: A Verse Narrative
1948: Come Walkabout
1949: From Phillip to McKell: The Story of Australia
1949: Handbook of Australian Literature
1951: The Dunce’s Cap: A Critical Essay in Self-Defence (pamphlet)
1951: Because Men Went Hungry: An Essay on the Uncertainty of Australian Prestige
1951: The Great South Land: An Epic Poem
1952: Of Us Now Living: A Novel of Australia
1952: William Gay: Australian Man of Letters
1952: Aranda Boy: An Aboriginal Story
1954: Royalty and Australia
1955: Australian Aboriginal words: Aboriginal-English, English-Aboriginal
1987: Platypus and Kookaburra: Poem (posthumously published)

Publications edited by Rex Ingamells:
1938-1952: Jindyworobak Anthology (an annual publication, 1938-1952, edited by Rex Ingamells)
1939-1940: Venture: Jindyworobak Quarterly Pamphlet (a quarterly publication, 1939-1940, edited by Rex Ingamells)
1942: New Song in an Old Land: Australian Verse (edited by Rex Ingamells)
1945: Garchooka: A Magazine for Australian Boys (edited by Rex Ingamells)
1948: Jindyworobak Review, 1938-1948 (edited by an editorial committee, headed by Rex Ingamells)
1948: Spoils of Time: Some Poems of the English-Speaking Peoples (edited by Rex Ingamells)
1953: Merringek: For an Understanding of Australia’s History and Traditions, Primeval, Colonial and Modern (an occasional magazine, edited by Rex Ingamells)

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