Reviews by newspapers in Victoria [The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers, by J. J. Kenneally]

[Editor: This is a section from The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers (5th edition, 1946) by J. J. Kenneally.]


“It is a capital, unbiased narration of the doings of the Gang, and is interestingly compiled. Many publications have been issued regarding the exploits of the Kelly Gang, but Mr. Kenneally’s work on it is absolutely the best.” — (The Federal Standard, Chiltern.)

“The present edition with its facts and collections of data during the long period of years makes it specially interesting to those who, even in the slightest way, were acquainted with the Kellys. Mr. Kenneally presents his facts in a clear light.” — (The Broadford Courier, 28/6/29.)

“‘The Inner History of The Kelly Gang’ is well worth reading. It gives a hitherto unpublished version of the Kellys and their doings in the north-east of Victoria. The facts are well presented, and the book is well illustrated, with portraits of the chief actors and scenes from the surrounding country.” — (The Corryong Courier, 27/6/29.)

“Having had access to certain departmental documents and access to district papers, the story is practically correct in details, and the geography of the district good. Mr. Kenneally has woven his story together in a readable manner.” — (Rutherglen and Chiltern Valley Advertiser, 28/6/29.)

“The book is an indictment of the police of the time, and their superiors, whose unjust persecutions, says Mr. Kenneally, first drove them to the bush, and whose tyrannical methods gained so much sympathy for the outlaws.” — (The Kyneton Guardian, 27/6/29.)

“The writer gives a very interesting account of the doings of the Kelly Gang, and furnishes a lot of information in connection with the inner lives of Ned Kelly and his confederates not previously published.” — (Rushworth Chronicle, 5/7/29.)

“The book will find many interested readers, and as the author’s statements are substantiated by reliable official records, it may be taken as an authentic record of the deeds of the bushrangers and their sympathisers.” — (The Bendigo Advertiser, 6/7/29.)

“From some of the incidents set forth and based on official documents, it would seem that the Kelly Gang’s code of morals transcended that of some of their pursuers.” — (The Gippsland Times, Sale, 8/7/1929.)

“The book makes fairly good reading, especially to those whose only knowledge of the gang has been derived from folk-tales and the reading of previous works of fiction founded on fact. The work throughout has the ring of truth.” — (The Franklin and Somerville Standard, 13/7/29.)

“The book is a true and vivid picture of the ‘Inner History’ of the gang. The book can be recommended to both young and old.” — (The Port Fairy Gazette, 22/7/29.)

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J. J. Kenneally, The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers, Melbourne: J. Roy Stevens, 5th edition, 1946 [first published 1929], page 318 (J. Roy Stevens graphic on page 319)

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