Raffaello Carboni

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Raffaello Carboni was born in Urbino, Italy, on 15 December 1817. He came to Australia in search of gold, took part in the Eureka Rebellion of 1854, and was subsequently tried for treason, but was acquitted. Carboni published his story of the rebellion, The Eureka Stockade, on the anniversary of the event in 1855. He afterwards returned to Italy. As far as can be ascertained, he died at St James’s Hospital, in Rome, Italy, on 24 October 1875.

Works by Raffaello Carboni:
[1855]: The Eureka Stockade:The Consequence of Some Pirates Wanting on Quarter-Deck a Rebellion
1859: Rita (in Italian)
1861: La campana della Gancia : grande opera-ballo in quattro atti e quattro cambia-scene in ciascuno : con la sinfonia : progettata in Milano di Maggio; posta sul telaro a Genova di Giugno; lavorata in Palermo dal primo Luglio 1860, ultimo mano 4 Aprile 1861 (in Italian) [see the National Library catalogue entry]
1861: La santola : dramma romano in 5 atti : con prologo, proponimento e passatempo (in Italian) [see the National Library catalogue entry]
1867: Schiantapalmi ossia che effetto fa il Santo Sacramento del matrimonio : commedia in cinque atti ed in prosa italiana (in Italian) [see the National Library catalogue entry]
1872-1873: Lo Scotta-o-Tinge (in two parts; in Italian)
1872-1873?: La Ceciliana (in Italian)
1872-73: Gilburnia : pantomime in eight scenes with prologue and moral for Antarctic grand ballet [1993, translated into English by Tony Pagliaro (from Lo Scotta-o-Tinge)] [see the National Library catalogue entry]
2000: Sono Italiano (music score arr. & orch. by Richard Divall) [see the National Library catalogue entry]

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