Works of Philip Durham Lorimer

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Books by Philip Durham Lorimer:
1901: E. A. Petherick (editor), Songs and Verses by Philip Durham Lorimer: An Australian Bush Poet, London: William Clowes and Sons

Selected poetry by Philip Durham Lorimer:
The Bell-bird [SVPDL 1901]
Belmore Waterfall [SVPDL 1901]
Breaking the News [SVPDL 1901]
Broken Vows [SVPDL 1901]
Bundanoon [SVPDL 1901]
The Butcher-bird [SVPDL 1901]
The Carte-de-Visite [SVPDL 1901]
Dark Moments [SVPDL 1901]
Dawn Upon Me in Thy Beauty [SVPDL 1901]
Death of a Friendless Girl in the Bush [SVPDL 1901]
Departing from My Cave [SVPDL 1901]
The Empty Cradle [SVPDL 1901]
The Fallen Flower [SVPDL 1901]
Farewell ! But ah, how Soon ! [SVPDL 1901]
The First Blight in Life [SVPDL 1901]
Fitzroy Waterfall [SVPDL 1901]
Four Dark Thoughts [SVPDL 1901]
From Highest Heights [SVPDL 1901]
[From Parlour to Wood-Heap] [SVPDL 1901]
Gertrude [SVPDL 1901]
[God’s Language to Man] [SVPDL 1901]
Golden Tresses [SVPDL 1901]
Good-bye [SVPDL 1901]
The Hand of God [SVPDL 1901]
Have Those Happy Moments Left Thee ? [SVPDL 1901]
The Hawthorn [SVPDL 1901]
Hear Me, O Night! [SVPDL 1901]
A Hearty “Shake Hands” [3 August 1894]
I Cannot Sing, My Love, To-Day [SVPDL 1901]
I Knew a Flow’ret Once [SVPDL 1901]
Illawarra [SVPDL 1901]
I Live In the Wilds [SVPDL 1901]
I’ll Climb the High Range [SVPDL 1901]
I’ll Fly Away With Thee [SVPDL 1901]
I Love Thy Smiles — But Oh ! Thy Tears [SVPDL 1901]
In Life’s Grey Afternoon [SVPDL 1901]
In Memoriam : M. A. U. D. [SVPDL 1901]
In Memory of S. S. [SVPDL 1901]
I Will Leave Thee in the Sweetness [SVPDL 1901]
Jamberoo [SVPDL 1901]
The Last Gift [SVPDL 1901]
Life [SVPDL 1901]
The Lily [SVPDL 1901]
Love’s Awakening [SVPDL 1901]
Love’s Constancy [SVPDL 1901]
Love’s Golden Flow [Also published as “Love’s Golden Hour”] [24 February 1894]
Love Unspoken [SVPDL 1901]
Macquarie Pass [SVPDL 1901]
A Mountain Home — Kangaroo Valley [SVPDL 1901]
My Mountain Cave [SVPDL 1901]
Nature’s Child [SVPDL 1901]
New Year Thoughts [SVPDL 1901]
[Not Always] [SVPDL 1901]
The Ocean of Life [SVPDL 1901]
The Old Fig Tree, Wollongong [SVPDL 1901]
Only a Violet [SVPDL 1901]
The Opening of the Bud [SVPDL 1901]
Our Mother’s Face [SVPDL 1901]
Our Store of Hope [SVPDL 1901]
The Poet’s Lay [SVPDL 1901]
[Queensland] [SVPDL 1901]
Rain [SVPDL 1901]
The Reaper Stood By [SVPDL 1901]
Remembrance [SVPDL 1901]
Returning to My Cave [SVPDL 1901]
Rose [SVPDL 1901]
The Rose [SVPDL 1901]
Round the Coast at Kiama [SVPDL 1901]
Sir Henry Parkes [SVPDL 1901]
Sisters [SVPDL 1901]
Some Beauties of Bowral [SVPDL 1901]
Some Day [SVPDL 1901]
The Song of the Forest [SVPDL 1901]
“Such is Life !” [SVPDL 1901]
A Sunset Wish [SVPDL 1901]
Sweet Dreams [SVPDL 1901]
Those Happy Hours [SVPDL 1901]
Thy Hand [SVPDL 1901]
Thy Violet Eyes [SVPDL 1901]
To Unanderra [SVPDL 1901]
The Traveller’s Joy [SVPDL 1901]
The Two Eagles [SVPDL 1901]
Unclasped [21 December 1897]
Wake Me Not [SVPDL 1901]
[We Cannot Get All that We Wish or Desire] [SVPDL 1901]
Welcome Morn [SVPDL 1901]
Welcoming Spring [SVPDL 1901]
When I Am Gone [SVPDL 1901]
With Ministry of Love [SVPDL 1901]

Short stories by Philip Durham Lorimer:
Phil McDermott and his Hundred Pounds [SVPDL 1901]

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