Local and general news [review of Morna Lee and Other Poems by Mary Hannay Foott, 19 July 1890]

[Editor: A review of Mary Hannay Foott’s book of poetry, Morna Lee and Other Poems; an extract from the column “Local and general news”, published in The Warwick Examiner and Times, 19 July 1890.]

Local and general news

From Messrs. Gordon & Gotch we have received a copy of a book of poetry entitled “Morna Lee and other poems, by Mary Hannah Foott.” The contents consist of a large number of pieces of poetry, arranged under eight different headings, and comprising a goodly variety of subjects. Under the heading of “Australian Poems” there are no less than fifteen pieces, every one being highly interesting. “Morna Lee” heads the list, and then come such compositions as “Where the Pelican Builds,” “Up North,” “The Future of Australia,” “Queensland to New South Wales,” &c., &c. The collection is interesting in every page, and the pieces are, besides being beautifully written, so diversified that the work can be taken up at any time and found enjoyable even for a short period of reading. The talented authoress — Mary Hannah Foott — is no stranger to the press of this colony, having (we believe) been editor of those columns of the Queenslander which are devoted to ladies. Her compositions have frequently been seen in that paper, but the collection now put together make a most charming book of poems. The work is published by Messrs. Gordon & Gotch, and the printing, binding, and everything about it is completed in a perfect manner. The author, the publisher, and the printer, deserve credit for turning out such a nice work, and we can heartily recommend it to all who wish to add a pleasing book of poems to their library.

The Warwick Examiner and Times, (St. Lucia, Qld.), Saturday 19 July 1890, page 2

[Editor: Corrected “peoms” to “poems”.]

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