Index [The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers, by J. J. Kenneally]

[Editor: This is a section from The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers (5th edition, 1946) by J. J. Kenneally. Pages numbers of chapters and sections have not been included here. For links to chapters, see the main entry for this book. It should be noted that the section titles given in the index are sometimes only an approximation of the actual chapter sub-titles.]


Chapter I. —
Original Settlers
John (Red) Kelly
Mrs. Kelly
Ned Kelly
Loaded Dice
Wild Wright
Kate Kelly
Dan Kelly
Constable Ernest Flood
Steve Hart
Joe Byrne
The Admission

Chapter II. —
The Fitzpatrick Episode
Mrs. Kelly Refused Bail
William Williamson
Mrs. Kelly Admitted to Bail
Loaded Dice on Active Service

Chapter III. —
Trial at Beechworth and Judge Sir Redmond Barry
Ned Kelly’s Reply to Barry’s Sentence
Enoch Downes
Police Correspondence

Chapter IV. —
Battle of Stringybark Creek

Chapter V. —
Search for Bodies
Flight of Kellys
On the Run

Chapter VI. —
Government Declares War
Bank at Euroa
Ned Writes to Cameron, M.L.A.

Chapter VII. —
Police in Pursuit

Chapter VIII. —
The Spy Industry
Chivalry of the Police

Chapter IX. —
Before the Court

Chapter X. —
To Jerilderie
Bank at Jerilderie
Welcome Home

Chapter XI. —
Police Spies
Loaded Dice Still on Active Service

Chapter XII. —
Supt. Hare in Charge
Dog Poisoners

Chapter XIII. —
O’Connor’s Marriage

Chapter XIV. —
Armour and Ammunition
More Police Deception
Fitzpatrick’s Dismissal
The Greatest Man in the World

Chapter XV. —
Sherritt’s Sentence

Chapter XVI. —
Sherritt Executed
Outlawry Act
Anton Weekes

Chapter XVII. —
Sunday in Glenrowan

Chapter XVIII. —
Constable James Arthur
Constable William Phillips
James Reardon
The Cannon
Affidavit by Dr. Nicholson
Green Silk Sash
Thomas Carrington
Dave Mortimer

Chapter XIX. —
The Hero of Glenrowan

Chapter XX. —
Charred Bodies
O’Connor’s Report
Seymour’s Reply
Ned Kelly’s Record
Government and Police Record
Ned Kelly’s Trial at Beechworth
Ned Kelly’s Trial at Melbourne
Did Ned Kelly Get a Fair Trial?
Death of Judge Barry
Bias of the Press

Chapter XXI. —
Reward Board
Royal Commission’s Report
Dixon’s Minority Report
Police Purge
Jim Kelly’s Review
James Ryan’s Review

J. J. Kenneally, The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers, Melbourne: J. Roy Stevens, 5th edition, 1946 [first published 1929], pages 316-317

[Editor: Corrected “Billy—Jimmies” to “Billy-Jimmies”; “Byrnes” to “Byrne”; “Edmond” to “Redmond”; “Spys” to “Spies”; “Dog Poisoner” to “Dog Poisoners”; “Sherrett’s Sentence” to “Sherritt’s Sentence”; “Sherrett Executed” to “Sherritt Executed”. The three sub-titles of Chapter V were listed as “Search for Bodies”, “Flight for Kellys”, and “Flight of Kellys” (the latter two both being listed as beginning on page 88, whereas there is only one sub-title on that page); therefore, the three sub-titles have been given as “Search for Bodies”, “Flight of Kellys”, and “On the Run” (“On the Run” being the sub-title appearing on page 91).]

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