In Memoriam [poem by Louisa Lawson, 1 June 1896]

[Editor: A poem by Louisa Lawson.]

In Memoriam.

By Louisa Lawson.

The white convolvulus, sweet, fragile flower
Ope’s its pure petals at day’s tenderest hour,
And they who gaze upon its virgin face,
Know God is good, and take fresh heart of grace.
At morn a joy, at eve a mem’ry sweet,
For it is death-struck by the noontide heat ;
How fair, how frail, how fated, and ah me !
How true an emblem, dear dead girl of thee.

The Dawn (Sydney, NSW), Monday 1 June 1896, page 24

Editor’s notes:
convolvulus = plants of the genus Convolvulus, mostly erect, trailing or twining herbs and shrubs
ope’s = opens

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