Friendship [poem, 16 August 1928]

Friendship [poem, 16 August 1928]

[Editor: This poem was published in 1928, attributed to Gwen Trent; however, it was also published in 1934, attributed to R. Ambrose Roberts. It could be assumed that Gwen Trent, being noted in the earlier publication, is the original author, but that is not definite. It is possible that one of the two simply submitted the poem as an item worth publishing, but that the newspaper then incorrectly attributed authorship to the person who was recommending it for publication. In these circumstances, the authorship is unclear.]


Should some barrier bar your way,
Friendship’s strength will shift it,
Should some burden cause dismay,
Friendship’s hand will lift it.

Longs your soul for sturdy aid?
Friendship’s love will lend it,
Breaks your heart through hope delayed.
Friendship’s touch will mend it.

Friendship’s free and can’t be bought,
Coaxed or begged or borrowed,
Friendship seeks and aye has sought,
All who’ve sinned or sorrowed.

Friendship gives, with cheerful smile,
Gives it all; not grudging!
Loves to tramp the second mile
(No reluctant trudging.)

In my dreams of heaven’s bliss,
Far above all else is
Just the hope there will be this
Friendship in excelsis.

Gwen Trent.

The Capricornian (Rockhampton, Qld.), Thursday 16 August 1928, page 6

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