James Jerome Kenneally

Under construction. Mr. J. J. Kenneally at Broadford [7 September 1906] The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers [by J. J. Kenneally]

Mary Eliza Fullerton

Mary Eliza Fullerton was born on 14 May 1868 in Glenmaggie, Victoria. She wrote twelve books (six under her own name) and numerous poems. Her later books of poetry were published under the pseudonym of “E”, as she suspected that her work would otherwise suffer from prejudice, due to her being a female writer. She […]

Michael Massey Robinson

Michael Massey Robinson was born in 1744 in England. He worked as a lawyer, but was convicted of blackmail, as he had allegedly threatened to publish a poem he had written about a London alderman who had been accused in the past of a murder. Robinson was sentenced to transportation to New South Wales; however, […]

“Kookaburra”, author and poet

“Kookaburra” was an anonymous writer and poet who was often published in The Evelyn Observer, and Bourke East Record (Kangaroo Ground), and its later incarnations as The Eltham and Whittlesea Shires Advertiser and Diamond Creek Valley Advocate (Hurstbridge) and The Advertiser (Hurstbridge). Poems and articles by “Kookaburra” appeared quite often in the newspaper, from 1916 […]

John Shaw Neilson

[Editor: This article provides links to poems by, and to some biographical information about, John Shaw Neilson.] John Shaw Neilson was born in Penola, South Australia, on 22 February 1872. He died in Melbourne, of heart disease, on 12 May 1942. Books by John Shaw Neilson: [Books published during his lifetime, arranged by year] [1916]: […]