Beyond the City Gates: Australian Story & Verse [by Jack Moses, 1923]

[Editor: This collection of poems and short stories by Jack Moses was published in 1923. Jack Moses was best known as the author of the famous poem “Nine Miles from Gundagai”.]

Beyond the City Gates, by Jack Moses, front cover, 450h

Beyond the City Gates


Story & Verse

by Jack Moses

Illustrations by R. H. Moppett


[“If I Could Put the Clock Back.”]

Introducing Jack Moses


The Whip o’ the West

A Stranger from Somewhere

The Pessimist

Nine Miles from Gundagai

“Bred Out Where the Gum Trees Grow”

The Clarence

Judging the Hacks

Only Middlin’

The Troubles of a Show Secretary

From Bourbah to Bullagreen

Makin’ Good


The Home Town Booster

The Chap who Sells the Plough

The Ticker

On the Road to Bangalow

The Tweed

O’ Moses

Don’t Growl at the Puddles

The Smoko

’Ere Chee ’Kum, Ali

The Show Time Drama

The “Lock-Up” Wood



Dinny of Dennisvale

Snifter, the Outlaw

Along the Castlereagh

Interviewing His Excellency

The Thing That Keeps the Bailiff Out

Pinched Wheat

The Bigness of Larry Logan

Lock the Lachlan

When the Big Drum Beats

Explaining the Points

When the Pavilion Opens

Your Photo While You Wait

The Sacrifice of Sendem

Younger Yet

The Breaking of the Drought

Carry On

When the Seasons Come Again

A Retrospect


“If I could put the clock back”

“Onward — Westward ho! — Through the saltbush in the morning dew”

“I have seen the bullock stretch and strain”

“It’s a bosker big river, the Clarence”

“The grand parade”

“‘Mr. Secretary,’ called a feminine voice”

“On the road to Bangalow”

“Mount Warning watching over all”

“You might owe Moses something, but you don’t owe me”

“’Ere cheek kum”

“He knows he’s going home again”

“Basalt-columns standing like pickets at your gate”

“And they answered to the call”

“’Tis hard to beat the Lachlan”

“Hi! Hi! Hi! When the big drum beats”

“Ay! Mister, just a minute, please”

“Sendem was never without a bit of old rope round his neck”

Beyond the City Gates

Wholly set up and printed in Australia and registered at
G.P.O., Sydney, for transmission by post as a book.

First edition

Australia, 1923

Published by
Austral Publishing Co.
1 Bond Street

The Author desires to acknowledge the courtesies of the Editor of the “Sydney Mail” in allowing the re-publication in this book of the story “The Troubles of a Show Secretary.” Grateful thanks are also recorded for the assistance rendered by Mr. George Bell, Photographer, Bligh Street, City, and Mr. W. E. Vincent, N.S.W. Country Press.

Wholly set up and printed
in Australia by
Blake & Hargreaves
47 George Street N’th.

Jack Moses, Beyond the City Gates: Australian Story & Verse, Sydney: Austral Publishing Co., 1923

Editor’s notes:
The poem entitled “If I Could Put the Clock Back” was not included in the list of contents.
The poem listed as “’Ere Chee ’Kum, Ali” has an apostrophe in front of “Kum” in the list of contents, but not in the title of the poem (on page 85).
The short story listed as “Snifter, the outlaw” has a comma after “Snifter” in the list of contents, but not in the title of the story (on page 102).
The poem listed as “The Breaking of the Drought” is rendered as “The Breaking o’ the Drought” in the title of the poem (on page 153).

N’th = North

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