Because Men Went Hungry [by Rex Ingamells, 1951]

[Editor: Because Men Went Hungry: An Essay on the Uncertainty of Australian Prestige (1951) was written by Rex Ingamells.]

Rex Ingamells, Because Men Went Hungry, front cover 450h

Because Men Went Hungry

An Essay on the Uncertainty of Australian Prestige


Rex Ingamells, B.A.

§ 1. The Botany Bay Smear
§ 2. Pre-destined Social Evils
§ 3. The Short-circuit of Tradition
§ 4. Australian Sycophantism
§ 5. The Uncertainty of Australian Prestige
§ 6. The Certainty of Australian Prestige


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To E. C. HARRIS, in gratitude for encouragement in the cause of Australian Culture

“In this Extensive Country it can never be doubted but what most sorts of Grain, Fruit, roots, etc. of every kind would flourish here were they brought hither, planted and Cultivated by the hands of Industry; and here are provender for more cattle, at all seasons of the year, than ever can be brought into the country.”
James Cook, 1770

“I do not scruple to pronounce that in the whole world there is not a worse country than what we have yet seen of this. All that is contiguous to us is so very barren and forbidding that it may with truth be said here nature is reversed; and, if not so, she is nearly worn out, for almost all the seeds we have put into the ground has rotted, and I have no doubt but will, like the wood of this vile country when burned or rotten, turn to sand.”
Robert Ross, 1788

“Everybody at Home seems to have an unfavourable opinion of this place, and I am certain no one could possibly be more prejudiced against it than myself. I am glad to have it in my power to change my opinion, and to be able to assure you that since I have left England I have seen no place I like better than this, for the country neither about Rio de Janeiro or the Cape of Good Hope is in the state of cultivation the land is here; and where it is cultivated I do not think, from the little observations I have made, that it seems to yield such abundant crops.”
Francis Grose, 1792

“the flow’ry name
Which Science left it is become a scorn
And hissing to the nations.”
Barron Field, 1823

Rex Ingamells, Because Men Went Hungry: An Essay on the Uncertainty of Australian Prestige, Jindyworobak, Melbourne, 1951

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