[Anniversary Day 1817] [1 February 1817]

[Editor: An extract from the news section of The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, regarding a celebratory dinner (on Monday 27 January 1817) to commemorate the founding of the colony of New South Wales.]

[Anniversary Day 1817]

On Monday the 27th ult. a dinner party met at the house of Mr. Isaac Nichols, for the purpose of celebrating the Anniversary of the Institution of this Colony under Governor Philip, which took place on the 26th of Jan. 1788, but this year happening upon a Sunday, the commemoration dinner was reserved for the day following.

The party assembled were select, and about 40 in number. At 5 in the afternoon dinner was on the table, and a more agreeable entertainment could not have been anticipated.

After dinner a number of loyal toasts were drank, and a number of festive songs given; and about 10 the company parted, well gratified with the pleasures that the meeting had afforded.

In this account it would be unjust to pass over a pleasant novelty, for which the company were indebted to the muse of Mr. Jenkins (who was one of the stewards, and took the chair by an unanimous wish), in complimenting the party with a few appropriate verses on the occasion; which were sung by a Gentleman to the tune of Rule Britannia, with considerable effect, and produced a well deserved encomium as well to the singer as the composer. — Hearing it highly spoken of, we have applied for and been complimented with a copy of the verses, which appear at the head of the next column.

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 1 February 1817, pages 2-3

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