Younger Yet [poem by Jack Moses]

[Editor: This is a poem from Beyond the City Gates: Australian Story & Verse (1923) by Jack Moses.]

Younger Yet

(Fancies indulged in on the opening day of Young’s big Jubilee Show.)

Who was it named this fair town Young?
Will someone answer that?
I thought the place was Young enough
When they called it Lambing Flat.

But if Young’s at all dissatisfied,
Before I should forget,
I advise them just to try once more;
They might name it Younger Yet.

However Young it might have been,
This fact I must avow,
It’s grown to be a bonzer chap,
And a solid Youngster now.

Jack Moses, Beyond the City Gates: Australian Story & Verse, Sydney: Austral Publishing Co., 1923, page 153

Editor’s notes:
bonzer = (Australian slang) excellent (also spelt as “bonza”)

Young = the town of Young (New South Wales), previously known as Lambing Flat

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