“White Australia” Policy: Mayor advocates abolition [17 March 1932]

“White Australia” Policy.

Mayor advocates abolition.

Consternation was caused among councillors at a meeting of the Fitzroy Council last night when the mayor (Councillor E.T. Apps) declared that in order to solve the problem of unemployment the policy of “White Australia” should be abandoned.

The council was discussing a report from the Ministry stating that it was felt that the proposals for relief work in Fitzroy, under the comprehensive plan for unemployment relief now being considered, involved too heavy an expenditure on materials. It was considered that more money should be spent on wages in unemployment relief.

The Mayor.— One of the best things we could do at the present time would be to abandon the policy of “White Australia.”

Councillors.— What!

The Mayor.— If that policy were abolished so that some big industries could be established in the northern parts of Australia it would mean millions of pounds to the Commonwealth.

Councillor Beckett said that he desired to dissociate himself from the suggestion. It would be a disaster to give an open invitation to coloured races to settle in North Australia.

Councillor Chapman.— That is also our opinion.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) Thursday, 17 March 1932, p.5

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