Wanted [brief item listing preconditions for Socialism, 2 June 1894]

[Editor: An extract from the “Parliamentary” column (containing political comments and news snippets); from The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), 14 July 1894.]

Wanted — (to prepare the way for Socialism in our Time).

One Adult One Vote.
Land Tax.
Income Tax.
State Bank.
Eight hours day where practicable.
Referendum and Initiative.
Taxation of every person according to ability to pay.
The State to find work for unemployed.
The State to fix a minimum wage.
For other wants see A.L.F. platform.

The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), Saturday 2 June 1894, page 3

Editor’s notes:
This item was often printed in The Worker, with variations, including the addition of:
Shops and Factories Act.
Free Railways.
Free administration of Justice

e.g. “Worker mail bag”, The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), Saturday 14 July 1894, page 2
Political”, The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), Saturday 21 July 1894, page 4
Mail bag”, The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), Saturday 22 February 1896, page 2

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