Unity is Strength ! [song, 6 June 1898]

[Editor: A song written to promote the federation of the Australian colonies.]

A federal song.

By request we publish the following Federal Song, sung at the demonstration in Sale on Tuesday night by the united choir:—

Unity is Strength !

Air, “Men of Harlech.”

Come ! Australians ! once for ever
Break the bars that now dissever
Brothers — to be parted never,
Unity is strength !
Be no longer disunited,
By no phantoms be affrighted,
Let Australia’s wrongs be wrighted,
Unity is strength !
All divisions ended !
Each by all defended !
One our land
And future grand
And one the flag that’s o’er us !
One in race and one in story,
One in power and in glory,
One in all that makes a Nation !
Unity is Strength;

See ! Australians ! Now divided
How you stand despoiled, misguided,
Weak, belittled, and derided,
Unity is Strength !
Ye are bid with puny prattle,
Sell your Birthright for the Rattle,
Of a tax on Sheep and Cattle !
Unity is Strength !
See their work — your fetters !
Discord’s branded letters !
Robbed of might
And shorn of right.
All torn by mean dissension,
Shackles meet for ages hoary
Now to end the shameful story
Now for Austral peace and glory,
Unity is Strength !

Austral’s sons and daughters, o’er us
From the Grand Old Land that bore us
Peals the Patriotic Chorus
Unity is Strength !
See the Scotch, the Welsh, the English,
Old-time feuds and strife extinguish,
Ireland’s son’s too now distinguish
Unity is Strength !
Scorn then, ways provincial,
Rise to life Imperial !
Land of Light
And Progress Bright
No more shall strife degrade her !
Strong for war should foes invade her,
Great in Peace, should Peace still aid her
Thus we pledge our loved Australia,
Unity is Strength !

— William Carrington.

The Gippsland Times (Sale, Vic.), Monday 6 June 1898, page 3

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