Three Ghosts [poem by E. J. Brady]

[Editor: This poem by E. J. Brady was published in The Earthen Floor (1902).]


Three Ghosts.

Three Ghosts came out of the Grave last night,
Two black as sin, but the third was white,
In a shining robe of the living light;
And her hair, unheld by its jewelled crown,
In a golden flood to her feet fell down.

A devil’s laugh on the lips of the two;
But her mouth was sweet as honeydew;
And high on her forehead, white as snow,
A red star flashing its rubied glow.

Three ghosts came out of the hollow grave,
My soul be patient! My soul be brave!
Two walked together, and one apart —
Out of the deep, deep, grave of my heart!

E. J. Brady, The Earthen Floor, Grafton (N.S.W.): Grip Newspaper Co., 1902

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