The Tram-Man [poem by C. J. Dennis]

[Editor: This poem by C. J. Dennis was published in A Book for Kids, 1921.]

The Tram-Man

I’d like to be a Tram-man, and ride about all day,
Calling out, “Fares, please!” in quite a ’ficious way,
With pockets full of pennies which I’d make the people pay.
But in the hottest days I’d take my tram down to the Bay;
And when I saw the nice cool sea I’d shout “Hip, hip, hooray!”
But I wouldn’t be a Tram-man if . . . .
I couldn’t stop and play.

Would you?

C. J. Dennis. A Book for Kids, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, [1921], page 81

Editor’s notes:
’ficious = an abbreviation of “officious”: being objectionably aggressive in offering one’s unrequested and unwanted advice, help, or services; doing so in an interfering or meddlesome manner (often in the context of an self-important minor official or functionary)

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