The Men Who Built Our Nation [poem, 11 March 1909]

[Editor: A patriotic poem, written at a time when many Australians considered their nation to be British. Published in the Guyra Argus, 11 March 1909.]

The Men Who Built Our Nation

The men who built our nation
Were sturdy men and true;
The men who built our nation
Their work would always do.

Now take the mighty Nelson,
How he did fight, and win!
Bravely standing at his post
Regardless of his skin.

And then there is our Franky Drake,
Who many battles fought;
And who for his dear country’s sake,
Many a victory wrought.

Ah! ’tis such men as these we’ve got to thank
For our great nation’s power;
Ah! ’tis such men as these stood at their posts
Fighting hour upon hour!

Now think how we can thank them
For the work which they have done;
No; we cannot even count
The battles they have won!

They really are our fathers,
And as we too are their sons,
The best way we can thank them
Is to stand at Britain’s guns.

Guyra Argus (Guyra, NSW), 11 March 1909, p. 7

Editor’s notes:
Franky Drake = Sir Francis Drake (ca. 1540-1596), English sea captain, privateer, and admiral

Nelson = Lord Horatio Nelson (1758-1805), English admiral

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