The Love of Christ [poem by Norman L. Beurle, 5 October 1895]

[Editor: This poem by Norman L. Beurle was published in The Weekly Times (Melbourne), 5 October 1895.]

The Love of Christ.

To know the love of Christ, O wondrous joy,
The deep abiding gladness it imparts;
The ceaseless anthem of harmonious praise,
The boundless bliss of consecrated hearts.

To know the love of Christ, O waveless peace,
A river from th’ eternal throne of God;
Shoreless and limitless, yet calm and still,
A constant, perfect, ever-deep’ning flood.

To know the love of Christ, O heav’nly rest,
So free from doubt, from every surging care;
To hide within the hollow of His hand
And know the foe can never reach us there.

To know the love of Christ, and then to tell
To all around the story of His love;
Till every clime with holy joy shall ring
Responsive to the pealing shout above.


The Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic.), 5 October 1895, p. 7

Also published in:
The Warragul Guardian (Warragul, Vic.), 11 October 1895, p. 6

Editor’s notes:
clime = a place, region, or foreign land, particularly referred to with regard to its climate (usually used in the plural, e.g. “cooler climes”, “hot climes”, “lovely climes”, “Northern climes”, “other climes”, “Southern climes”, “sunny climes”, “warmer climes”)

Vernacular spelling in the original text:
deep’ning (deepening)
heav’nly (heavenly)
th’ (the)

[Editor: Inserted a full stop after “shout above”.]

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