[The London Gazette: Advertisement for the shipping of stores to New South Wales] [21-25 October 1794]

[Editor: An advertisement for the shipping of stores to New South Wales. Published in The London Gazette, 21-25 October 1794.]

Transport Office, October 24, 1794.

The Commissioners for conducting His Majesty’s Transport Service do hereby give Notice, that they will, on Wednesday next, the 29th instant, treat for a Ship not exceeding 550 Tons, nor less than 500, for the Transportation of Stores to New South Wales, either with or without Convoy.

The Tender sealed up must be presented by Twelve o’Clock, and the Principal, or his Agent, personally attend.

Alex. Whitehead, Sec.

The London Gazette (London, UK), number 13715, 21-25 October 1794 [“From Tuesday October 21, to Saturday October 25, 1794”], page 1058

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