[The London Gazette: Advertisement for the shipping of stores and settlers to New South Wales] [24-27 March 1792]

[Editor: An advertisement for the shipping of stores and settlers to New South Wales. Published in The London Gazette, 24-27 March 1792.]

Navy-Office, March 26, 1792.

The Principal Officers and Commissioners of His Majesty’s Navy do hereby give Notice, that on Friday next, the 30th Instant, at One o’Clock, they will be ready to treat for the Hire of a Ship, by the Month, of 400 Tons Measurement, of not less Height than Five Feet between Decks, for the Purpose of conveying Provisions and Stores, and accommodating several Families intended to be sent as Settlers to New South Wales; the Ship to be discharged there after landing the Settlers and Stores.

And the Court of Directors of the East India Company having agreed to freight the Ship which may be taken up for this Service Home from China with Teas, Sugar or other Goods, at the same Rate of Freight that they have paid other Ships in a similar Situation, such Persons as may be inclined to offer are to take Notice that the Ship must be approved by the Company’s Officers, as well as the Officers of Deptford Yard, and the Agent.

Forms of the Tenders may be seen in the Lobby here; and all Persons who may think proper to offer on the said Occasion are desired to take Notice, that no Regard will be paid to any Tender which shall not be delivered before Twelve o’Clock, nor unless the Person who makes the Tender, or some one on his Behalf, attends to answer when called for.

The London Gazette (London, UK), number 13400 24-27 March 1792 [“From Saturday March 24, to Tuesday March 27, 1792”], page 200

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