[The London Gazette: Call for proposals for ships to carry convicts in the Third Fleet] [19-23 October 1790]

[Editor: The official advertisement for proposals for ships to carry convicts in the Third Fleet to New South Wales, published in The London Gazette (19 to 23 October1790). This was followed by a notice placed in November 1790 for tenders for the same task.]

Navy-Office, October 21, 1790.

The Principal Officers and Commissioners of His Majesty’s Navy do hereby give Notice, That on Thursday the 28th Instant, at One o’Clock, they will be ready to receive Proposals from the Owners of Ships in the Service of the East India Company, as are not likely to be taken up for the Two ensuing Seasons, or other Persons, for conveying 2000 Convicts, or any Part of that Number, to the Settlement in New South Wales, on the Conditions and under the Regulations to be seen at this Office.

The Court of Directors of the East India Company have consented that the Ships which may be engaged for this Purpose may proceed to Bombay and load Home with Cotton on private Account under the Inspection and Direction of the Company’s Servants at that Settlement; provided such Cottons are sold at the Company’s Sale, subject to the usual Expences (the Company’s Duty excepted) and provided the said Ships do not interfere with any other Part of the Company’s exclusive Commerce.

No Tenders will be noticed, unless the Parties, or Agents for them, attend, nor will any be received after Twelve o’Clock.

The London Gazette (London, UK), number 13247, 19 to 23 October1790 [“From Tuesday October 19, to Saturday October 23, 1790”], page 635

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