The Dew [poem by Norman L. Beurle, 24 August 1895]

[Editor: This poem by Norman L. Beurle was published in The Weekly Times (Melbourne), 24 August 1895.]

The Dew.

Cometh the dew like the blessing of eve,
O’er the tired earth spells of comfort to weave;
Bringeth it joy to the flow’rets forlorn,
Drooping their heads till the coming of morn.

Ne’er can ye estimate half of its worth,
Herald of rest to the toil burdened earth;
Ever so gently the flowers to renew,
Softly and silently cometh the dew.

Over the spirit so weary and worn;
Over the conscience so troubled and torn;
Over the mind full of doubt and unrest;
Over the heart by the tempter distrest.

Cometh the dew of God’s promises sweet,
Smoothing the road to the travel stained feet;
Falling from Him who is faithful and true,
Cheering and strengthening cometh the dew.


The Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic.), 24 August 1895, p. 8

Also published in:
The Warragul Guardian (Warragul, Vic.), 6 September 1895, p. 5
The Cobram Courier and Strathmerton, Yarroweyah, Katamatite, Burramine & Berrigan News (Cobram, Vic.), 12 September 1895, p. 7
The Broadford Courier and Reedy Creek Times (Broadford, Vic.), 13 September 1895, p. 5
The Oakleigh Leader (North Brighton, Vic.), 14 September 1895, p. 4
The Caulfield & Elsternwick Leader (North Brighton, Vic.), 14 September 1895, p. 5
The Quorn Mercury (Quorn, SA), 27 September 1895, p. 2

Editor’s notes:
flow’ret = floweret: small flower; floret

morn = morning

ne’er = never

o’er = over (pronounced the same as “oar”, “or”, and “ore”)

Old spelling in the original text:
bringeth (brings)
cometh (comes)
distrest (distressed)
ye (you)

[Editor: In line with other printings of this poem, inserted a semi-colon after “travel stained feet” and a full stop after “strengthening cometh the dew”.]

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