[The Bite that Snapped a Boat in Two] [poem, 28 April 1901]

[Editor: A poem (possibly by “Dryblower” Murphy) published in the “Variety Vamps and Sunday Satires” column in The West Australian Sunday Times, 28 April 1901.]

[The Bite that Snapped a Boat in Two]

A contemporary in detailing the various difficulties under which live stock are often landed at Esperance, relates that “while two boats were lowering horses into the water to be swam ashore, one of them was literally bitten in halves by an enormous shark.” The lyre, please:—

The bite that snapped a boat in two;
Was certainly a bite of might;
But then, of course, the bite occurred
Within the Great Australian Bight.

The West Australian Sunday Times (Perth, WA), 28 April 1901, p. 1

Also published in:
The Sun (Kalgoorlie, WA), 28 April 1901, p. 4

Editor’s notes:
Great Australian Bight = a large bight on the southern coastline of the Australian continent (a bight is a bend, curve, or recess in a coast which forms an open bay)

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