Rommel’s comments on Australian soldiers [1941-1942]

Following are some excerpts from The Rommel Papers (1953), which reproduces some letters from Rommel to his wife, in three of which he mentions Australian soldiers. Erwin Rommel was the German field marshal who led the German and Italian forces in North Africa during the Second World War. In a letter dated 25 April 1941 […]

Greenland [poem, 20 November 1953]

[Editor: A child’s poem, published in The Argus, 20 November 1953.] Greenland Greenland is a cold land, A land of ice and snow, And you’d probably see igloos, Wherever you may go. They’re built of ice and snow, And are very warm inside, The children’s clothes are very warm, Made from a bear’s hide. Greenland […]

Anzacs [poem, 23 April 1953]

Anzacs From the cities, and the townships; From the mining camps they came; From all comers of their homeland, To defend their country’s name. And they counted not the hardships Of the game they had to play; They just played it, hard as ever, In the real colonial way. Oh! they left a gleaming milestone; […]