The holey dollar [5 August 1950]

[Editor: An article about Australia’s first coins, including the “holey dollar”; published under the category heading of “Money” in The Argus (Melbourne), 5 August 1950.] Money The holey dollar Although in the early days of its colonisation, New South Wales was a British Crown Colony, British currency was always short. Barter was the order of […]

An Old Mate (to G.A.U.) [poem, 26 January 1950]

[Editor: A poem published in The Western Mail, 26 January 1950.] An Old Mate (to G.A.U.) We met once more across the fleeting years, And yarned of mates long dead and old-time ways. Those years of buoyant laughter, and the tears That made the life of those old bygone days. Our thoughts flew back with […]

Lawson & some contemporaries were pioneer labor poets [11 September 1950]

[Editor: This article notes that Henry Lawson was an early Labor poet; it also refers to the use of blue as a “fighting colour of Labor”.] Lawson & some contemporaries were pioneer Labor poets No doubt Labor has a right to call Lawson one of its singing pioneers. Here’s one or two reasons why: In […]