The first settlement in Western Australia [21 January 1943]

[Editor: Published in The Albany Advertiser, 21 January 1943.] The First Settlement in Western Australia A possessory lien on New Holland. Established 21st January, 1827. (By Robert Stephens). To-day, exactly 116 years ago, a rather important ceremony took place within the boundaries of what is now the Albany Municipality by which a Possessory Lien was […]

That promoted song [re. “Advance Australia Fair”, 8 December 1943]

[Editor: Some letters to a newspaper, both for and against the playing of “Advance Australia Fair” in movie theatres and on the radio. Published in The Argus (Melbourne), 8 December 1943.] That promoted song Sir: I have read with mixed feelings letters of criticism because “Advance, Australia Fair,” is played at news time, and is […]

[His Comrades Will Never Forget] [poem, 1943]

[Editor: This poem was written in memory of Corporal E. W. Symons (known as “Sox”), of the 2/32 Australian Infantry Battalion, who was killed by a guard in an Italian prisoner of war camp, 20 May 1943. The authorship is unknown.] [His Comrades Will Never Forget] Never a day that went past but we’d welcome […]

The Australian artist [13 November 1943]

[Editor: An extract from the column “Stories from Here and There: From a Reporter’s Note Book”, published in The Examiner, 13 November 1943.] The Australian artist There are indications which incline one to the hope that at last the Australian artist is coming into his own. By that I mean our writers, painters, musicians, and […]

No Australian anthem, says musician [27 January 1943]

No Australian anthem, says musician “There is no Australian national anthem,” said Mr George Limb, of Hobart, referring yesterday to recent discussion of the suitability of “Advance, Australia Fair” as an anthem. Mr Limb, who is the Tasmanian representative on the Australian Musical Examination Bd., and who usually conducts the combined schools’ choir at Hobart, […]