Talk of the town [6 June 1942]

[Editor: Extracts from the “Talk of the town” column, published in The Mail (Adelaide), 6 June 1942.] Talk of the town * Sharpening Blades The shortage of safety razor blades, which has put many men on a one-razor-blade-a-week basis, has led many to experiment with various sharpening devices. There is nothing new in the idea […]

To a Sea Curlew [poem by John Shaw Neilson, 1942]

[Editor: A poem by John Shaw Neilson. Published in the Jindyworobak Anthology, 1942.] To a Sea Curlew Unwanted, uninvited, supercilious — Such impudence I have not heard before. Your constant invitation to be bilious Insults me to the core. Luckily your cowardice is not contagious, I have heard such from immigrants before. Our own birds […]

The Sundowner [poem by John Shaw Neilson]

[Editor: A poem by John Shaw Neilson. Published in Beauty Imposes: Some Recent Verse (1938) and the Jindyworobak Anthology, 1942.] John Shaw Neilson The Sundowner I know not when this tiresome man With his shrewd, sable billy-can And his unwashed democracy His boomed-up pilgrimage began. Sometimes he wandered far outback On a precarious tucker track; […]

Anzacs [poem, 28 April 1942]

Anzacs When you look back through the ages, Turning over history’s pages, You’ll find brave deeds of men In every war; But no breed of man looms bigger, Than the rough and ready Digger — My hat’s off to the Anzacs, It’s those guys I’m speaking for. The above poem was written by a corporal […]

Nationality [poem by Mary Gilmore, 12 May 1942]

[Editor: A poem by Mary Gilmore, written during the Second World War, 12 May 1942.] Nationality I have grown past hate and bitterness, I see the world as one; But though I can no longer hate, My son is still my son. All men at God’s round table sit, And all men must be fed; […]