Rommel’s comments on Australian soldiers [1941-1942]

Following are some excerpts from The Rommel Papers (1953), which reproduces some letters from Rommel to his wife, in three of which he mentions Australian soldiers. Erwin Rommel was the German field marshal who led the German and Italian forces in North Africa during the Second World War. In a letter dated 25 April 1941 […]

The late Cpl. Roberts: Poem to his children [article and poem, 25 November 1941]

[Editor: Published in The Braidwood Review and District Advocate, 25 November 1941.] The late Cpl. Roberts Poem to his children Details contained in a letter from Vic Young to his parents in Braidwood describe how the late “Barney” Roberts died in the fighting at Tobruk. The dead soldier’s last letter to his wife told of […]

Australianism [by Rex Ingamells, 1941]

[Editor: This article by Rex Ingamells was published in the Summer 1941 edition of Meanjin.] Australianism The invitation from the editor of “Meanjin Papers” for a Jindyworobak introduction to the Nationality Number of the Papers is a significant courtesy, in appreciation of which all Jindyworobaks will join me. It is the completest answer to those […]

No chance of maintaining good labour conditions: If dictatorships won war [6 May 1941]

[Editor: Ned Hanlon, a Labor Party Minister, urges Australians to support the war effort (Hanlon later became Premier of Queensland, from 1946 to 1952). Published in The Morning Bulletin, 6 May 1941.] No chance of maintaining good labour conditions If dictatorships won war Brisbane, May 5. Speaking at the Labour Day sports today in a […]

[John Curtin: Men and women of Australia, we are at war with Japan] [8 December 1941]

[Editor: This is the text of a radio speech made by Prime Minister John Curtin on 8 December 1941 – the day after the Japanese attacked the USA’s naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, thereby entering the Second World War against the USA and its allies, including Australia.] [John Curtin: Men and women of Australia, […]